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Landscape One is the premiere choice for all your interlock Ottawa needs. Although building techniques and materials have evolved over thousands of years, construction is still a long, complex, and expensive process. And it is, by and large, not environmentally friendly. The energy required for construction, the materials used and the pollution that is to be found in the construction area are among the many things that negatively impact the environment. Interlock Ottawa, Interlocking blocks may not solve all construction problems, but they do resolve many issues associated with traditional materials.

Interlocking blocks offer numerous advantages to other building materials. The materials required for production are widely available so they do not have to be shipped in from long distances. Since the manufacturing process is a simple one, production facilities can be easily set up at convenient geographical locations, once again reducing the cost of transporting them to the construction site. In the case of very large construction projects, an interlocking block production facility can be set up at the construction site to provide the most cost effective supply solution.

Another cost saving is achieved because the simplicity with which the blocks can be laid and aligned reduces the number of high wage skilled masons required on a construction project. When compared to conventional masonry block construction, interlocking blocks, which are dry assembled, save a great deal of mortar which is normally used for vertical and horizontal joints, which again produces savings in terms of both cost and time.  Click here to find out how we can save you money on your Ottawa fence

Any time you can save time is critically important on your interlock Ottawa job. This means you can start building later on in the summer knowing you can have it completed before the rain and snow begin to arrive in sleets which can severely hamper the progress on any work site. This enables an owner or a business to be able to begin selling goods and/or services throughout the winter and sooner than if a building could not be started at all until the spring.

The structural stability and durability of interlocking blocks is much greater than that which is offered by timber construction. Another benefit is that, unlike timber, interlocking blocks are immune to termite and other insect damage. Vulnerable and high stress parts of a building can be reinforced by running steel bars through the aligned holes of the blocks. Because of the ease and economy with which interlocking block walls can be built, load bearing walls can be used where infill walls would normally be placed, thereby providing both additional strength and load bearing ability to accept future additions to the building. Interlocking block construction techniques can be used for everything from single to multi-story construction.



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Are you thinking of paving your yard or driveway and are wondering which paving stones to use? Maybe you should consider installing interlock stone Ottawa. Interlock stone comes in various styles to match any home  landscaping.  Their quality and durability add lots of value to your outdoor space. Interlock bricks are used for walkways and driveways in both residential and commercial homes.

When constructing or designing your driveway, pool deck or walkway, you have to take into consideration the interlock system which is: Rotational Horizontal and Vertical Interlock.

Rotational Interlock can be improved by the pavement cross sections. This will cause the pavers to tighten and stiff through loads across the entire pavement, hence, increasing the structural capacity. When this is done, the pavers will completely lock up.

Vertical Interlock which is another system is achieved by the transfer of loads to the surrounding areas through the sand that is placed in the joints.

Horizontal Interlock Stone Ottawa is achieved through the use of patterns that can withstand forces from any vehicles. Studies show that Herringbone interlock patterns are the most effective pattern for maintaining interlock. Having that in mind, the Herringbone pattern is recommended in areas with a heavy vehicle traffic like a parking lot or a driveway. Restraints Edge also plays an important part in the interlock system. They maintain the interlock and are required to be placed along the perimeter of the brick pavers.

Preparing the location where the brick pavers will be placed also plays a vital role in the interlock process. Once the pavers are in place, and the restraint edge is placed around the paved area, a small amount of sand is poured on top of the paved area, and compacted with a Vibratory Roller to make sure that those gaps between each and every brick pavers are filled with the sand, this makes the interlock system stronger.

The brick paver’s durability is far more than concrete slabs or asphalt. With a concrete slab or asphalt, you will constantly see cracks. Hence making your weekends less enjoyable and stressful due to the work that уоu will hаvе tо do by аррlуіng сrасk fіllеrѕ to the cracks. With pavers you will not have all these problems above because they are strong and durable. The durability of these brick pavers are about 20 to 30 years, and in case one breaks or сrасkѕ, it іѕ vеrу еаѕу tо bе rерlасеd. Making brick pavers is a very intelligent investment to your property.  Give us a call today

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