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Deck Builder OttawaBuilding a deck is a great way to increase the living space to your home. Your homes style should be a major factor or it will feel out of place.

Start with general ideas of what the deck builder can do to enhance your life. What will you really use the deck for? For instance, if you’re not a party animal, maybe you want to emphasize intimate gathering and dining areas. If you love to grill, go a little wild with an outdoor kitchen. Ask family members what they’d like from your future deck: maybe some solitude; a friendly conversation pit; container gardening; a spa to soak in; the occasional large party; or just a clear path for taking out the garbage.  Your deck builder will be able to customize your deck to your exact specifications.

Some say that a deck should be no larger than 20% of the house’s square footage, so as not to overwhelm a house visually. But if you spend plenty of time on it, and if it is divided up into clearly different rooms, a larger deck can look and feel quite at home. There’s nothing wrong with a rectangular deck, but consider adding pizzazz with angles or even curves. They will take additional time to build, but can make a deck feel special rather than cookie-cutter.

Ottawa Deck Builder If you love to cook outdoors and like interacting with people as you grill, plan an elaborate outdoor kitchen with a counter and several cooking appliances. Perhaps include an eating counter with stools just opposite the cooking area, so people can snack, sample, and offer advice while you cook. If you’d rather keep food prep simple, you may want to make a small alcove off to the side, with just enough room for a grill. Or you may choose to do all your cooking indoors; there’s no law that you have to own a grill.

You may choose to build a deck in a style that blends with the house, or you may prefer to make your deck a clearly different place, emphasizing its outdoorsy ambience. Where the deck steps down to meet the yard, it often looks and feels best to have some transitional materials, rather than simply stepping off to the grass yard. Stone, pavers, and bricks almost always look handsome next to a deck, whether it is built of natural wood or manmade materials. A deck-and-patio combination is a surefire winner.

Our expert deck builder will be able to work with you on building your dream deck and making the project work based on your requirements and budget. Don’t hesitate to call or e-mail us even if you aren’t sure what your deck should look like, we’ll take care of all the details for you and come up with a plan that will meet your needs and let you start enjoying your summer life.

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